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How Do I Pay?

Payment online at time of booking is most convenient.  (Therapists do not have change.)  Gratuities are accepted at time of service in cash or by bankcard. 

We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Paypal.  Sorry, no personal checks or traveler’s checks.   At this time we do not accept any insurance. However, we are working on it so please check back or email us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What About Tipping?

Therapist gratuities greatly appreciated.  Tips are customary in the spa industry and are generally 20% or more of the regular service price for exceptional service.  Typically gratuities and tips are optional and at your discretion.  For medical massage and ongoing wellness, gratuities are not a necessary part of your treatment.  Your health and wellness is our #1 concern. 

Will I be Nude?

If your appointment is for traditional massage, it is customary to disrobe to a level of your comfort, and everyone has a different level of comfort.  Many people prefer to be totally nude, as it offers the most freedom of movement, and allows the therapist to work without working around layers of clothing.  Some people prefer to keep their undergarments on, and this is perfectly fine too.  All of our therapists have at one point or another massaged someone who prefers to be fully clothed.  While definitely not ideal, this is always an option. It is important to remember that you will ALWAYS be covered (draped) with a sheet or towel and your therapist will only uncover the parts of the body on which he or she is currently working, leaving private areas always covered, with possible exception of the gluteal region (buttocks) which may be treated with consent at your therapists discretion. (A leading cause of back or sciatic pain)

Thai Massage or AIS (Active Isolated Stretching) is more of a guided workout, as opposed to traditional massage. Please wear stretchy or loose, gym type comfortable clothing. Please no short shorts, dresses or skirts.

You will have an opportunity to note or speak to your therapist regarding any questions or issues you may have, areas you want worked on, or areas you do not want worked on.  We can also accommodate special requests, such as the firmness of touch, and utilize creams and powders instead of oils.